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Welcome to Phantasy!

A guild formed for beginners starting off their journey in Erinn, however what lies in the secret of Phantasy? Phantasy is a guild that focuses on friendship which is an important role in Mabinogi. Little throughout the history of Erinn, the power of Phantasy is given to those who can master it. But what is this power you ask? You can find this "power" easily...

Phantasy was established on June 9th, 2011.

As of September 22nd, 2012, Phantasy is a RP guild with a story element in Eden Eternal. Previous stories may be read for background lore. In addition, there will be a MineCraft server which will allow you to visit the former land of Erinn which is now known as Ethir.

Guild News

Rebirth [Phantasy]

Katsurouki, Jul 19, 12 2:54 AM.
It has been seven months since the Phantasy was saved by the previous heroes. Seven months later, the Phantasy has been re-awakened by a new threat. Following Soul Stream's purification, pain was inflicted onto the Phantasy as her role of holding the world had faded away. Morrighan no longer governed Erinn, probably that is why she feels pain.

Will our new heroes be able to help the Phantasy?

The First Storyline has ended!

Katsurouki, Oct 9, 11 3:45 PM.
After reading all chapters, you may think there should be an ending! There is an ending and here it is!

Chapter 2 and Ancient Library

Katsurouki, Sep 7, 11 12:57 AM.
With the recent sighting of the Dark Entity, we've discovered another problem and the process to recover a corrupted fragment. Read Chapter 2 to find out under the Guild Events tab!

In other news,

The Ancient Library has been discovered after the encounter of the Dark Entity! We've only discovered two books, perhaps the rest of the books are beneath this dust. These books have a magical twist to it. You will be able to play the memory of one whenever there is an RP tag next to the book's title.

Chapter 1 of Phantasy

Katsurouki, Sep 2, 11 1:09 AM.
The first chapter behind the Phantasy skill is added under the Events tab, rest assured that there will be an event for Chapter 1 this weekend. You will be able to discover the first hidden secret of this ancient power. It is said that a black aura was seen around a specific area, this area will be discovered soon enough!

Check the Guild Forums

Katsurouki, Aug 31, 11 9:58 PM.
You may add Character Biographies now if you have registered! This is good for the roleplay events we have under the Guild Events tab.
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